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Online Trade Counselor

Welcome to the Online Trade Counselor

Whether you are taking your first step toward exporting or looking to grow your international sales, Export Missouri can provide support at every turn.

This section contains the Online Trade Counselor that will help to identify information you need to know and how to access resources to help you succeed.

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Online Trade Counselor

Explore Exporting

If your firm has never exported before, or only sporadically has shipped items overseas, then let’s begin by answering the following questions:

  • Should you be exporting?
  • Are you ready to export?
  • Are you committed to exporting?
  • Are you in demand?

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Online Trade Counselor

Ready to Export

As with any aspect of your business, planning is a must. Planning helps create your export road map and will be the foundation to your success when entering a new market for the first time or expanding upon your current trade activity.

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Online Trade Counselor

Expand My Exports

Building a strong and extensive network of contacts and prospective clients is critical to any businesses success. In this section, the Missouri International Trade & Investment Office Trade Managers and International Offices work hand in hand to help you make the contacts.

Missouri’s International Offices have the local expertise and personal connections to help as you evaluate and ultimately break into these markets.

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Missouri's Exports by Country

Missouri's Exports by Country

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Missouri's Top Exports in 2013